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LED Controller

LED Controller

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The Bennett All in One LED Controller is available as an upgrade to you complete system. It will add $100 to the total cost of the kit.  Not available for individual sale.

If upgrading from a previous purchase from a kit with Rocker switches the price is $395.


Give yourself complete control over your wave with the Bennett Integrated LED Controller.  This switch option gives you complete control over your wave!

Easy to use, and easy to see how far your tabs are deployed!

An attractive and user-friendly, stand-alone helm control without the need for an external control unit. The functionality and “brains” of the control unit are engineered directly into a single, space-saving, and simple-to-install keypad. Reduce bow rise, plane faster, and correct listing.


  • Convenient “All Up” and “All Down” buttons
  • Trim tab position LEDs always show you where your tabs are
  • Auto tab retraction (tabs retract up when the ignition is powered off)
  • Easy-to-install single lock nut design
  • Backed by Bennett’s outstanding customer support

This controller with our custom made Billet Mounting Bracket allows you total freedom to mount your controls in a variety of locations without drilling any big holes in your boat. Two small screw holes is all it requires to mount.


NOTE: These are not available separately. Only sold as an upgrade to our kits. Thank you.


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