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We set ourselves apart in the industry by providing the absolute best customer support. We love boating, surfing and wakeboarding as much as you do. These tabs put a huge smile on our faces when out on the lake and we want to share that with you. We know boats and know what it takes to set them up correctly. We provide written instructions, install videos, phone support and will even FaceTime with you to make sure your install goes smoothly. We have raving fans because we stand behind our product.

Evolution is manufactured in St. George Utah, Not in China. That means we control our supply chain, quality control, and that we are not waiting for parts to clear customs. We keep these in stock and ready to ship.

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We dedicated extensive time to crafting these tabs, not just to produce a wave, but to create the ultimate wave! For us, the ultimate wave boasts a sizable, unblemished surface with ample room for surfing, offering both substantial force and length. A flawless wave is one that maintains consistency every time, requiring no adjustments to perfect.

Simply push the button and surf!


Evolution Tabs are great for creating lift on the back of your boat, opening up new possibilities.

  • Run More weight for large wakes
  • Get on plane faster by and save fuel by deploying both tabs
  • When up to speed retract the tabs to clean up the wake

So much more than a surf system!

Driving & Handling

Evolution Tabs, Designed by a dad who wanted perfect waves with the kids or wife driving. You'll use these when cruising the lake to stop bouncing through waves, use them when you have a full load of people to get up to speed even with full ballasts. Use them to make the boat drive level.

Super easy, super intuitive, super consistent.

Alleviate strain on the engine by getting on plane faster and staying on plane longer. In Testing we have seen 6-800 rpm drops at 10.8mph vs suction devices. The motor is quieter and burns less fuel. Up to 60% less fuel while surfing.

More than just trim tabs, more than a surf system.

Evolve Don't Replace

Have you seen the price of new boats?

Save tens of thousands and get a better wave and more control than with brand new boats. Most older V-Drives can out perform even top of the line brand new boats by adding Evolution Tabs and some ballast bags.


All our switches are momentary switches. This means that you have ultimate control in your wave and in your boat. The tab only moves when you push the button. This simple system is reliable and consistent. Generally you will simply hold the button for at least 2.5 seconds to fully deploy. The end. No messing with it. Follow our install instructions for setting it up and you won't have to put any more thought into you wave.

Evolution Tabs now come standard with the Joystick Controllers, but we have other controllers available. Classic Rocker Switches are available and reduce the purchase price. Joystick controller indicators are optional.

  • 1) Install Trim Tabs

    Installing these tabs is very easy to do yourself. We can walk you through it. Or you can use one of our preferred installation partners. Call us and we'll help get you started!

  • 2) Connect Controls

    Select the desired controller setup, rocker switches or joystick, and install on your boat's dashboard. Connecting the tabs to the controller is simple and easy.

  • 3) Evolve Your Wave

    With the click of a button you can easily adjust the tabs to change the shape of your wave. These controls are also often used to adjust the boat position at cruising speeds around the lake.

Install Demo

Set Your Boat Up For Success

EvolutionTabs love weight in the rear of the boat. We recommend setting up your boat with a piggyback ballast system from our friends at WAKEMAKERS.COM. Go with the largest bags available for the rear lockers.

Run your boat at approximately 10.8 mph. If running a Malibu we recommend using the Wedge to adjust height and length. Once you have enough height and push with weight in the rear of the boat you can look into adding more weight to the front of the boat.

TABS and BAGS. Every boat needs them.