Evolution Tabs Complete System

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The best tabs on the market. These are highly evolved tabs, hence the name Evolution. What started has simple trim tabs have evolved to produce amazing surf waves, crisp wakeboard waves, the ability to get on plane faster, save fuel, reduce the load on your engine, reduce noise levels, trim, level and plane your boat. These are no ordinary tabs! These are the best tabs on the market today.

The Joystick Controller is the most intuitive controller on market. Want to surf on the left, push to the left, want to transfer to the right? Push to the right. The controller will deploy and auto retract the opposite side. Want to deploy both tabs to get on plane? Push the joystick forward to deploy and pull back to retract. The diagonals control individual tabs for deployment or retraction. The Joystick comes with our custom designed Billet Joystick Mount. This allow for easy mounting almost anywhere.


Now available with our exclusive Classic Rocker Switches which include a billet mount so no big holes need to be cut. Simply mount anywhere you want using two screws. 

Classic Rocker Switches reduce your cost by $250


Fully compatible with FAE exhaust


Please note that if your boat has a center trim tab it is likely that you need our Evolution 22's. The standard tab is 24.5" wide. Please measure prior to ordering. Most Supra and Moomba boats need the 22's.